Our Products

Along with services that Simplexhub provide, we actively operate and develop independent web applications and products. A sample of theses is provided below:


realestatebazaar.com.bd is an independent online directory and real estate marketplace that provides in-depth information on buying, selling and renting out properties in Bangladesh. realestatebazaar.com.bd is owned and operated by Simplexhub, which brings several years of experience in search engine advertising and over 21 years of experience in direct marketing. Preparation of realestatebazaar.com.bd included 15 months of market research around the changing profiles of the highest value property buyers and sellers. We are not aligned with any real estate builders, agents or sellers.

Real Estate CMS

Real Estate CMS is a real estate portal, designed for real estate agents to list properties for sale or for rent. Real estate CMS allows you to launch your own website with rich functionality for private sellers, buyers, real estate agents and others interested in the real estate industry. Some of the functionality of Real Estate CMS includes:

Search Panel

  • Search by Address
  • Price Range
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Other Features such as a Carport etc

Search Results

  • Property Short Description
  • Property Features
  • Price
  • Floor Plan
  • Location Map
  • Address
  • Advertisers Name and Details
  • Property Images

Search Results powered by Google MapsTM

Property buyers, sellers and renters on realestate.inmycity.com.au can view all their properties they have searched for, on one map powered by Google MapsTM. This is a great facility for our users as it allows them to search for properties by location, making it much easier and more enjoyable. Users can:

  • Search for property and select the "Map View" tab
  • Fly over preferred area, virtually and get a better idea
  • View all the properties plotted on a map and keep a close birds eye on the competition

Property Details

  • Detailed Description
  • Floor Plan
  • Location Map
  • Image Gallery with Slide Show
  • Video Clip
  • Agent Contact Module

Content Management System (CMS)

Administrators can manage their own personalised website using the powerful content management module. It is a powerful yet simple-to-use content management system that allows you to change or publish content without requiring technical assistance.

Other features include

  • Intuitive Property Management Module
  • Statistics, Charts and Reports
  • Categorise Property Type i.e. Buy, Rent, Share.
  • SEO Optimized Links
  • and many more

For more information, please visit our online demo.

Simplexhub Ltd. wins BASIS outsourcing award 2015.

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